Solution FOr System Thread Exception Not Handled windows 10 Error And simple Method to Solve

By | June 30, 2017

Framework Thread Exception Not Handled is a kind of mistake that is seen on Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) which is seen for the most part in the Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 adaptations of OS by the clients. This mistake happens for a few clients following 10 to 15 seconds of the windows begin while, couple of clients have revealed that they get their blunder quickly after the windows gets startup and amid the framework reboot.

This makes the clients stall out in the center and that they can’t do anything with their PC. It is said that, the mistake happens in light of failing driver. Contradictory, debased or obsolete driver can make your PC to demonstrate the blue screen with this blunder. The BOSD is caused by the obsolete drivers as well as because of overclocking programming’s or the due to overclocked change that happened as of late.

Step by step instructions to Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled windows 10 Error

On the off chance that you locate that any recently introduced programming or driver is causing this mistake, at that point the principal thing that the clients need to do is to uninstall those projects as they are not reasonable. Check for the updates of those projects routinely and attempt to reinstall them when the fix or refresh has been discharged for that program or driver. Yet, in the event that the mistake happens amid framework reboot or after the windows begin, at that point here are the speedy answers for settling the blunder. Experience the accompanying answers for settle the issue in a limited capacity to focus time without anyone else’s input. So let us think about how to settle System Thread Exception Not Handled windows 10 .

Check Display Drivers and Reinstall Them

One of the basic purposes behind the blunder to happen is the show drivers. In this way, all that you ought to do is to uninstall and reinstall the show drivers to the most recent variant. In the event that the clients can login into their Windows at any rate for couple of minutes, they can straightforwardly uninstall the show drivers and introduce them. Be that as it may, if the clients can’t even logon into the framework, they have to boot their framework in the protected mode as takes after and afterward uninstall and reinstall the drivers.

Boot in Safe Mode:

When you boot in experimental mode will cripple every one of the administrations and drivers that are required for running the windows. Presently, let us boot your Windows 8/8.1/10 OS in experimental mode. To do this, you have to take after the underneath procedure.

Turn your PC ON and do a constrain shutdown by squeezing the power catch barely.

Turn the System ON again and rehash the same i.e., killing and on i.e., till the framework startup in the repair mode. The principle point is to trigger the PC to go to the progressed/repair mode.

Presently, tap on the alternative “Investigate”, go to “Cutting edge Options” and under it tap on “Charge Prompt”.

In the charge provoke that shows up on the screen, sort the accompanying summon and tap on the Enter catch.


Next, you have to restart your PC and continue tapping on the F8 catch (Shift + F8) for quite a while i.e., till the windows logo shows up on the screen.

Presently, you will get the menu “Propelled Boot Options”. Under it, you select “Experimental Mode with Networking” alternative and snap Enter catch and with this you will be running your Windows OS in protected mode.


pick an alternative

Propelled Option


Order Prompt

order provoke

In the event that on the off chance that, you are not getting the recuperation alternatives or they are not showing up, you can do the accompanying method.

Get a CD or DVD or a bootable USB of 8 GB establishment media of the Windows OS and furthermore a PC with the web office.

On the off chance that you are utilizing the CD/DVD, keep it in the CD/DVD drive of your PC or on the off chance that you are utilizing USB, put it in the USB drive of your PC.

Presently, you have to Power On your PC. At that point tap on the “F2” catch until the point when you can get to the Boot Menu. The catch for entering into the boot menu will vary in light of the model of the framework. With a specific end goal to know the catch for your framework, you need to check in your maker site. Typically for HP it is F9 and for Dell it is F12.

When you enter into the boot menu, select CD/DVD on the off chance that you have instated CD or DVD in your PC or pick USB drive on the off chance that you have utilized USB in your PC.

On the off chance that you are solicited to click any from the key with a specific end goal to boot your PC from the media, you can do it.

Presently, the Setup screen of the windows will show up on screen.

Tap on the “Following” catch at the lower some portion of the screen i.e., at the time zone.

Presently you need to left tap on the choice “Repair your PC” which is available at the base of the screen.

At long last, “Pick on Option” will show up on the screen which is as appeared in the above picture. From that point you can take after all the above same strides to go into the protected method of the Windows.

Check and Uninstall Display Drivers:

When you finish the above procedure, you can take after the underneath ventures to uninstall the show drivers.

Begin with tapping on Windows Key + R.

Presently the Run box will show up on screen.

In the Run box, sort “devmgmt.msc” and tap on Enter catch which is as appeared in underneath picture.


Presently, you will get the “Gadget Manager” window on screen.

Grow the “Show connectors” from the rundown of alternatives display in that menu by double tapping it.

Under the Display connectors, the realistic card is introduced.

Right tap on the realistic drive and select “uninstall” from it. Prior to that, you can record the full name of your show driver.

show connector uninstall

Presently, tap on the “Erase Software” from your PC and afterward tap on “alright” at long last.

Restart your PC regularly.

Once your framework restarts, the video drivers will be consequently introduced. On the off chance that they are not introduced or on the off chance that you are having a similar issue once more, you can discover the refreshed form of the drivers and introduce them physically in the accompanying way.

These are the two best strategies to settle the blunder “system Thread Exception Not Handled” in Windows 8/8.1/10 OS. In the event that you are having a similar blunder, do take after any of the strategies and fix the mistake of system_thread_exception_not_handled windows 10. Give me any input to enhance this post also to make more useful.

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